Workout Equipment You Should Have If You’re Serious in Losing 30 Lbs Fast

Losing 30 pounds will only be possible if you practice the right routine and use the proper equipment. You don’t have to hit the gym every day just to achieve this. All you need are pieces of workout equipment to have at home to start stretching your sedentary body.

If you’re serious on your workout routine and want to burn 30 pounds in full speed, here are the gears and equipment you should begin scouting.


For you to finish 10 running laps, you need to have the endurance. But body strength won’t work if you don’t wear a pair of comfy workout pants. No one exercises while wearing denim jeans or sloppy shorts. Pants aren’t just a fashion statement, it also gives support to your hips and extremities. Here are the best picks:

Ancia Workout Capri Leggings

Made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex, this Ancia Workout Pants fits a variety of waistlines including plus sizes. It’s sweat-absorbent, quick-drying, and breathable, perfect for every woman who’s trying to shed those 30 pounds. It has a slip-on design with no zippers and buttons for easy wearing.

Aside from the comfort, this Ancia pants also comes with trendy prints. Even if it’s stretched, the color stays beautiful and it doesn’t have any see-through tendency. But you have to understand that this is a fit pair. Anyway, the comfort stands out even if it will wrap around your curves.

workout equipment to have at home

DRSKIN Compression Cool Dry Tight Pants

For the fearless man of the house who’s winning pound per pound, the DRSKIN Cool Dry Sports Pants is the best workout pair. This workout equipment to have at home is also made of the same polyester and spandex proportion but it stretches up to the ankle. The material is breathable and has a UV light blocking characteristic if ever you’re running outside.

The best thing about these pants is that you can use it on almost all workout routine. Be it for swimming, basketball, yoga, or squats, it will have a comfy fit. The pants are light and it has added comfort due to the two-way air circulation feature.


You can do many workout routines at home without equipment. But if you want to reduce more pounds, you should acquire weights and other gears. Not only will it make wonders on your flabs, but it will help to carve your muscles. If you’re searching for the best finds, let me help you with these staples:

SPRI Deluxe Vinyl Dumbbells

Hex dumbbells can be a bit intimidating for beginners. These SPRI Vinyl Dumbbells are friendly looking gears that you can use on simple lifts. It has a non-slip vinyl coating to minimize any injury of falling weights. Every SPRI dumbbell-like this has one fix body to ensure user safety.

You can make it even fancier by choosing your favorite color from its wide palette. While walking, hold this and you’ll have more calories burning. Depending on your choice, the weight of these dumbbells ranges from one to 20 pounds. If you want to add intensity to your workout, you should definitely get this workout equipment to have at home.

DynaPro Exercise Medicine Ball

For added resistance and posture development, the DynaPro Exercise Medicine Ball targets to get you going on your rigid workout. Since you’ll be shedding 30 pounds fast, your medicine ball should be quick to set up. DynaPro comes with a pump so you’ll unbox, inflate, then workout.

It has a thick PVC casing that can withstand puncturing. The DynaPro ball also has a ribbed body for easy grip and stable skin contact. This ball can withstand up to 2,000 pounds of weight without popping. With its self-deflating feature, you’re not going to lose balance when pushing on it. Just choose the right size for your height.

workout equipment to have at home

Limm Exercise Resistance Loop

Strength training is one of the most effective weight loss exercises. To make it even more fat burning, you should use some equipment like bands. The Limm Exercise Loop is as long as 12 inches for maximum stretching. It comes in a pack of five with different band strengths. The best part is that it comes with a free complementary Home Workouts ebook.

Whether you’re doing pilates or the typical gym routine, the Limms resistance loops are the best for you. This workout equipment to have at home is lightweight and compact so you can bring it in your pocket. Each piece is designed for any type of workout and for every level of expertise.


Adidas Men’s Performance Shoes

Wearing the right shoes is important to prevent strain on the knees and ankle. Many weight loss newbies end up with injuries because of reckless jumping and running. This pair of Adidas Men’s Performance shoes is made of synthetic material and rubber soles. It has flex grooves and traction control to ensure that your limbs are protected during hard workout routines. It comes in different colors so you get to choose one that matches your taste.

However, you should remember that this shoe isn’t fit for a marathon-like running. It’s only comfy up to nine kilometers of continuous run.

workout equipment to have at home

Ryka Women’s Influence Training Shoes

Ryka Women’s Training Shoes is made of synthetic fabric and rubber soles. It’s designed with colorful laces with eyelets for breathability. Since it’s made with the workout in mind, it has a precise bouncy insole and direct fuse support layers.

This pair of shoes can endure impactful workout routines. It’s designed for women’s needs due to its narrower heels, wider foot room, and more instep volume. For complete cushioning, this workout equipment to have at home also has a dual midsole for the best protection in the heel and forefront.


For a fast weight loss journey, you should maximize any available resources. This includes technology devices crafted for fitness buffs like you. Gone are the days when your smartphone is the source of distraction. Check this tool and level up your routine.

Letscom Fitness Tracker Wrist-Based Heart Monitor

Do you want a pedometer, heart rate monitor, GPS, and smartphone in just one device? This Letscom Fitness Tracker Wrist Watch is a genius addition to your workout. It displays the time and you can connect it to your smartphone to track your running speed and other sports available on its eight default Multi-Sport Mode. You can add six more activities once you install the app.

workout equipment to have at home

Letscom watch is convenient and fashionable with its sleek design that looks like a fancy watch. You can also see your phone messages and calls on the screen so you don’t have to stop and check your mobile device. It’s packed with awesome features like a calorie counter, sleep monitor, and more. You can also wear this while swimming or taking a bath with its waterproof built.

The best part is that it only costs around $40. It works on both iOS and Android platforms so there’s nothing else you can ask for.

If you’re checking for workout equipment to have at home, look no further. These listed items are the finest in the market for just a small price. You don’t have to buy everything at once. Start with the simplest like the watch, shoes, and pants then level up to dumbbells and bands. Which one are you planning to buy first? Let us know!

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