10 Weight Loss Snack Ideas That Will Make Losing 30 Pounds Fast and Fun

Contrary to stereotypes, losing weight isn’t about a starving and deprived human. If you plan your weight loss journey well, you can enjoy tasty meals that are not going to end you up hungry and miserable. The key here is creativity and a little bit of calorie arithmetic. If you’re curious about what to snack next, here are the 10 most awesome weight loss snack ideas.

1. Guacamole

Who doesn’t know this avocado greatness? This is one of the healthiest fruit ever sprung in the surface of the Earth. It’s low in carb and has lots of fiber to make you feel satiated up to the next meal. Even if you’re in a hurry, guacamole is easy to prepare. Just pair it with red bell pepper for added antioxidants.

Enjoy 85 grams of guacamole with red bell pepper for a supply of healthy fats. With this snack, you’re just going to eat 200 calories. Not bad for such a filling snack.

2. Apple with Peanut Butter

Looking for a quick bite? Just slice an apple and enjoy it with one tablespoon of natural peanut butter. I’d discussed it many times in previous articles, but I guess apple deserves more love. This fruit is packed with pectin that helps in regulating hunger. And since it’s also a good source of fiber, it will help your digestion and make you satiated for long.

On the other hand, peanut butter is commonly high in calories. But you can still enjoy it if you consume in moderation. A tablespoon of peanut butter plus the apple will squeeze in less than 200 calories.

weight loss snack ideas

3. Celery with cream cheese

Like other green vegetables, celery is a fiber-rich food that’s high in water content but very low in calories. It also has a substance called luteolin that decreases inflammations and risks of cancer. With celery alone, you’ll already have one of the best weight loss snack ideas.

Cream cheese, on the other hand, is a good source of your daily calcium need. Five celery stalks and 65 grams of cream cheese have about 200 calories. But if you want to reduce more calories, you can waive the cream cheese and have the crunchy celery stalks alone. Five celery stalks only have 50 calories.

4. Almonds and dark chocolate

As delicious as it is, dark chocolate is beneficial in lowering blood pressure and reducing risks of heart diseases. Fitness experts recommend that you eat a small serving of dark choco before and after every meal. Tests show that this habit suppresses appetite. However, you should know that only dark chocolates have this effect. Sweetened types are all packed with calories.

Meanwhile, the tasty almonds are rich in monounsaturated fat that helps lower your blood sugar level. Nuts like this are proven to have appetite-reducing effect. And since almonds and choco are high in magnesium content, you’ll have fewer insulin levels. Insulin, as you know, is the major fat-storing protein.

weight loss snack ideas

5. Hard-boiled egg

Egg, the quintessential example among weight loss snack ideas. Hard-boiled eggs are rich in protein and Vitamins B and K. It’s highly filling and even if you eat three in a row, you’re just going to incur about 200 calories. You should remember that frying the eggs would add more calories and bad cholesterol from the oil.

Eating eggs as your morning snack will make you full until lunchtime. Though it’s high in cholesterol, studies already proved that it doesn’t have any risk for heart diseases. It’s advisable that you devour two hard-boiled eggs to have 13 grams of protein and at least 140 calories.

6. Carrots with blue cheese

Carrots are favorites among juices and smoothies because of its nice taste. It’s also packed with nutrients and minerals like beta-carotene which then turns into Vitamin A once ingested. Not only will carrots fill you up in between meals, it will also reduce your risk of cancer, cataract, and heart diseases.

Pairing it with fat like blue cheese will help in faster absorption of carotenoids in the body. However, you should take it in moderation. Just eat 100 grams of baby carrots paired with two tablespoons of blue cheese. These weight loss snack ideas are just 200 calories.

weight loss snack ideas

7. Nuts

A serving of 28 grams will already give you the nutty supply of protein, fiber, and healthy fat of about 180 calories. Although it has positive benefits, you should remember that nuts are high in fats. You should eat this moderately to avoid gaining weight.

Nevertheless, nuts are very filling and delicious. It’s also easy to eat that you can actually bring it in your pocket while strolling in the park. Just avoid eating greasy ones to reduce calories and bad cholesterol.

Just a small trick: Choose nuts like pistachios that are harder to eat. Doing this will make you eat less.

8. Whey Protein Shake

Shakes have long been a fad in weight loss snacks. It’s refreshing, filling, and delicious. Many commercial formulations are available over the counter. If you want protein shakes to be your long-term snack, you can buy a tub for about $20. All you need to do with it is scoop and shake then you’re good to go for a quick snack.

weight loss snack ideas

9. Oatmeal

Hey, oatmeal isn’t just for breakfast. Steel-cut oats are the weight loss snack ideas as you can easily put this in a container and bring to school or work. A ¾ cup of oats with apple tart, honey, and ground ginger is enough for a satiating snack of about 217 calories.

If you don’t have time to prepare snacks, you can pack oatmeal servings in containers. Store it in your fridge and pick one as you go. If you want to reduce calories here, you can limit the honey allotment from three tablespoons to one.

10. Kale Chips

If you’re tired of kale smoothies, you can give a new touch on this healthy food. Though it may take some time to prepare, I assure you that this is healthy and delicious a snack.

Dip three cups of kale in salt and olive oil. Cook it in the oven in 325F until it turned crispy brown. You can substitute this on your salty bag of chips. It’s advisable that you prepare a bigger amount for future snack time. You can actually go beyond the initial serving because three cups of kale chips only have 51 calories!

Your weight loss plan would be fun if you know how to play with your food ingredients. With calories in mind, you can create the best weight loss snack ideas to fill you up every day. Do you have more snack time suggestions? Share it with us in the comment section!

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