10 Weight Loss Pills and Supplements To Burn Belly Fat Fast

There are so many myths about weight loss pills and supplements that it carries a clouded image. Some products turn out to be ineffective while others give the promise of weight loss but with a hefty price to pay.

Here in America, about one in four people take weight loss supplements. However, the majority of these individuals are misinformed. They take pills like candies with the hope of automatically losing their extra pounds. If you want to know what’s effective when paired with proper diet and exercise, here is my short list.

1. Orlistat

More known as Xenical, Orlistat slows down the burning of fats on your gut so you’ll eat fewer calories. It makes you feel full so you’ll consume less food. Field tests show that Orlistat can speed up weight loss up to six pounds than other pills.

This supplement also lessens the risk of diabetes up to 37% and high blood pressure. If you want to achieve the results of keto diet without actually cutting on carbs, you can take Orlistat with a low-fat diet. A low-fat diet reduces the side effects like flatulence and loose bowel.

2. Meratrim

Mertarim is said to arrest the quick reproduction of cells in the body to make the burning of fats faster. And since the cells won’t pick up much fat in the bloodstream, it will burn those that are already stored in the body.

However, Meratrim is a newcomer in the in the world of weight loss pills. Only a single study had proved the efficiency of this supplement. A group of about 100 obese people was asked to take Meratrim. After the eight-week experiment concluded, experts observed that Meratrim takers lose about 11 pounds. No side effects were also reported.

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3. Hydroxycut

Every weight loss buff would have heard and used Hydroxycut at least once. This supplement is one of the most popular in the market, being present for almost 10 years now. Basically, it has caffeine and plant extracts that target to burn fats.

If you’re going to take this regularly, you can lose as much as 21 pounds in three months time without many workouts and diet restrictions. However, this may depend on your metabolism and the caffeine content might have side effects for those who aren’t used to the heavy dose.

4. Raspberry Ketones

There’s a reason why raspberry is a staple in every weight loss enthusiast’s smoothie. Raspberry is rich in ketones that help your body achieve the ketosis stage. When ketosis takes place, our bodies maximize stored fat as energy.

Raspberry Ketones has been proven in lab tests to have weight loss characteristics. However, it has to be ingested in large amounts. If you’re on a keto diet, this will be helpful. Anyway, there’s no risk in trying here since the only side effect is raspberry smelling burps.

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5. Glucomannan

As a fiber, Glucomannan stays in the gut to hold water. This will make you feel satiated even if you eat only small amounts of calories. You should pair weight loss pills like this with a healthy diet and expect to lose up to 10 pounds in five weeks.

Glucomannan also feeds the good bacteria in the stomach that helps in fighting constipation. Unlike other supplements that piss your stomach, Glucomannan relaxes your digestive system. It also helps in regulating cholesterol, sugar, and triglyceride levels in the blood.

6. Conjugated Linoleic Acid

Known as CLA, this has been popular through the years for its weight loss prowess. Technically, CLA is a healthy trans fat that’s usually found in butter and cheese. Although a trans fat, CLA reduces your appetite while improving your metabolism and fastens the fat breakdown.

Even if it has positive effects, you shouldn’t take CLA for good. If not regulated, it can result in a fatty liver, inflammation, and insulin resistance that causes Type 2 Diabetes. On your first intakes, you’ll experience digestive problems.

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7. Green Coffee Bean Extract

If you want an all-natural supplement, green coffee bean extract is for you. It’s simply fresh coffee beans that are not yet roasted. Since it’s coffee, this extract contains caffeine as well as chlorogenic acid that speeds up the burning of fats while slowing down carb breakdown in the stomach.

Coffee extracts also have antioxidants that lower levels of blood sugar and blood pressure. The common side effects here are the same as drinking a cup of coffee. On the other hand, chlorogenic acid may cause you irregular bowel movement.

8. Naltrexone

A few years ago, Naltrexone was certified as an alcohol abuse intervener. But these days, it’s widely used as weight loss pills and is even FDA-approved for that purpose. To make it happen, Naltrexone should be taken with another weight loss drug called Bupropion.

Once administered, you’ll feel less urge to eat or drink alcohol. The supplements will alter your hormones like ghrelin that signal hunger to the body. Naltrexone alone can make you lose weight in a fast-paced mode. But for some, they would need the help of another supplement.

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9. Lorcaserin

Lorcaserin comes in the famous Belviq brand that when ingested will make you feel satiated for long. If you have a restricted diet and an effective workout, you can expect a drastic weight loss in three months time.

You have to maintain the intake of this to prevent fats from coming back. However, you should deal with some side effects like dizziness and fatigue.

10. Liraglutide

As an original treatment for diabetes, Liraglutide has obvious effects on the weight loss department. After experts observed weight loss in diabetic patients, they decided to formulate a Liraglutide for weight loss purposes.

Popular in the brand Saxenda, Liraglutide is advisable for those who are having a hard time losing weight or those that are highly obese. However, this should be administered through injection.

Though these 10 weight loss pills and supplements can make you lose weight, you should remember that these aren’t magic pills. For a weight loss plan to succeed, you have to observe proper diet and workout routines. Once you tried any of these, we’ll be glad to hear from you.

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