10 Weight Loss Cleanse Recipes You Should Definitely Try To Drink The Fats Away

Not all of us are fans of thick smoothies. If you’re the type who always want something to sip, weight loss juice cleanse recipes will be your go-to kitchen buddy. Juicing isn’t just a fitness fad, it’s one of the foundations of healthy weight loss. Before you plan your meals, here are some juice recipes that will help you drink fats away together with proper diet and exercise.

1. Cucumber Juice

Cucumbers have this nice flavor that makes water taste better than putting lemon slices in it. Fruits like these are low in calories because it’s high in water content. Cucumber juice is also high in fiber so you’ll feel satiated for long after gulping a glassful.

Juicing one cup of cucumber with half a cup of water will give you a cup of yummy green juice. If you like, you can add a sprinkle of chili powder on it. Chili has capsaicin substances that help boost your metabolism.

2. Pomegranate Juice

Not only that pomegranate is the source of discussion on Greek mythology classes, but it also excels in the weight loss department. Pomegranate is high in polyphenols, antioxidants, and Conjugated Linolenic Acid (CLA) that are all fat burners.

A glass of pomegranate juice is enough to fill you up and suppress your appetite. It’s high in fiber for longer satiation. Aside from losing weight, this fruit juice will also add shine to your skin and bring back your natural glow. It also boosts your immunity for a continuous weight loss journey.

weight loss juice cleanse recipes

3. Carrot Juice

Carrots are packed with essential nutrients but low in calories. It’s also high in fiber and has a low glycemic index that’s advisable if you’re diabetic. Drinking one tall glass of carrot juice will make you satiated until lunchtime and you’ll get to control your cravings for untimely snacks.

Juice raw carrots and add apple slices or ginger if you want added flavor and detoxing properties. Carrots also increase the bile secretion on the liver for faster fat burning. The best part here is that carrot weight loss juice cleanse recipes taste really good.

4. Bitter Gourd Juice

Bitter Gourd or Karela isn’t one that will pass a taste test for the yummiest weight loss juice. But once you discover the nutrients it has, you’re going to change your mind. A 100-gram serving of karela only has 17 calories in it! Aside from that, this juice is a powerhouse of Vitamin C.

Karela juice increases the bile secretion in the body to speed up the burning of fats. On the other hand, it also purifies the blood and spread polypeptide proteins that mimic the characteristics of insulin.

weight loss juice cleanse recipes

5. Cabbage Juice

Aside from being a salad staple, cabbage is also a delicious juice ingredient. It’s high in fiber and it helps the stomach flush out toxins and eliminate wastes in the digestive tract. After drinking a glassful of this, the cabbage fiber will form a gel-like substance in the stomach for longer satiation. Cabbage juice also prevents any digestive problem. That makes it a perfect detox and weight loss regimen.

For best taste, you can add lime or apple. Carrots are also advisable for a leveled up weight loss juice.

6. Lemon and Apple Cider Vinegar Juice

What happens when you mix lemon and pectin-rich apple? A powerful weight loss juice! Apple and lemon juice increases the feeling of satiation while it also boosts your digestion. If there’s one health benefit of apple cider vinegar, it would be its ability to lower sugar levels in the blood and fasten insulin sensitivity. The lower the insulin in the blood the faster the weight loss will be.

Simply juice a lemon and mix it in a part of apple cider vinegar. The amount of each one depends on the taste you want to achieve on your weight loss juice cleanse recipes.

weight loss juice cleanse recipes

7. Apple and Spinach Juice

Popeye had shown it all on his bicep-popping muscles. As a green veggie, spinach is packed with fiber that makes you feel full faster and longer. It’s also low in calories while supplying you with tons of nutrients. When paired with apple juice, the pectin on the fruit will enhance the weight loss and appetite-regulating effect of this drink.

Juice two medium-sized apples and two cups of spinach and add a hint of lemon juice. You can also sprinkle cayenne pepper for the fat-burning capsaicin.

8. Green Ginger Ale

Ginger isn’t just a mere herb for cooking, juicing it will also give you wonders in the weight loss aspect. It has a natural appetite-regulating effect that’s a big factor if you’re on a strict diet. And since it’s natural, you won’t experience any side effects. Ginger also has proven effects in harnessing obesity.

To make this, just juice once cup of spinach, cucumber, and apples. You shouldn’t forget the star of the recipe, an inch of peeled ginger. If you want, you can add one peeled lime for a citrusy flavor.

weight loss juice cleanse recipes

9. Grapefruit and Yellow Pepper Juice

Grapefruit is rich in fiber that’s why it’s recommended to drink its juice before meals. These grapefruit weight loss juice cleanse recipes will prevent overeating while making you feel full for a longer period. There are also speculations among researchers that sniffing grapefruit alone will increase your bile secretion. However, more studies are needed for this.

For this juice, just squeeze three carrots, one yellow pepper, one grapefruit, seven drops of stevia, and half an inch of peeled ginger. If you can’t have this every meal, drink this at least before breakfast.

10. Red Zinger Juice

Beets are effective water flushers in our system. This is important in detoxing and in removing belly bloating. A cup of red beets only has 50 calories and zero cholesterol. Beets also contain substances called betalains that are packed with antioxidants.

To make this drink, juice two pieces of beets, carrots, apples, and lemons. With all these weight loss fruits coming in one glass, you’re going to shed 30 pounds healthily. The hint of lemon is refreshing enough while the fibers in the ingredients will keep you full.

The Ultimate Juicer For Your Weight Loss Juice Cleanse Recipes

It’s not enough that you have all the ingredients for these juices. You should also have the best juicer to extract all the nutrients and minerals for a healthy weight loss regimen. To make sure that no fat burner will go to waste, here is the best juicer you should have:

Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain

With its compact design, the Breville juicer will surely fit its way on every countertop. It has a classy silver finish that will complement your kitchen together with its juicing efficiency. It’s compact but really heavy duty when it comes to everyday juicing. If you’re serious about your weight loss plan, you should check Breville’s features.

weight loss juice cleanse recipes

  • Large Feed Tube

Do you want to juice large grapefruits? Lemons? Watermelons? Breville BJE200XL has an extra large feed tube measuring up to three inches. It’s placed in the center for steady juicing even if you’re feeding it with large chunks.

  • Maximum Extraction!

This Breville Juicer will ensure that you’ll get every single drop. It operates with a 700-watt motor that rotates 14,000 times a minute! While it chugs your juice inside, it’s safety locking arm will protect you from any spill. The juicer won’t operate until you cover it properly. The best machine for your wildest weight loss juice cleanse recipes

  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning

After juicing, just toss the inside container for fast and hassle-free cleaning. If you don’t want machine cleaning, you can manually scrub it up with the custom brush included in the package.

  • It’s Bisphenol Free!

Bisphenol is a commercial substance used in mass production of plastic wares. It can be found on water bottles, canned goods, and metal products. Studies found that heavy exposure to it might have negative effects on the brain and the prostate gland.

With Breville, you don’t have to worry about any of this since it’s BPA-free and you can juice tirelessly with its one-year limited warranty.

  • Juice anything you want

Whatever fruits or veggies you can think of, you can juice it using Breville. However, the likes of banana and potatoes might not be a good idea if you want a glassful of pure juice.

Juicing is a healthy way to detox and lose weight. With these weight loss juice cleanse recipes, you can now drink your way to fitness. But no matter how effective these are, it won’t give you perfect results unless you eat and exercise right. Do you like the Breville juicer? What do you think about it?

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