10 Best Weight Loss Cream and Serums That Really Works

Looking for weight loss cream that works is actually a tricky one. Before we proceed, I want you to know that these products aren’t magical in removing your 30 pounds no matter how they claim so. Since you won’t be ingesting anything, it’s important to remember that creams and serums are just a helping hand to unleash your utmost fat burning potential.

Though they may advertise too deeply, there is some science on their fat-burning and cellulite removing features. Here, we listed ten of the best picks and its simple review.

1. Vi-Tae Cellulite Removing Dead Sea Bath Salts

Cellulite or orange-peel skin happens when fats start to protrude in the direction of the skin. This Vi-Tae Natural Cellulite-Removing Dead Sea Bath Salt targets to improve blood circulation in the areas of the body where the dimpling happens.

Vi-Tae also aims to reduce inflammation that different diets and exercises bring. If you bathe with it, you’re going to have a bloating reduction. Even though it’s salt, it won’t hurt your face or scalp. One thing that I like the most with Vi-Tae is that it makes the skin smooth and not too dry. Just remember that this won’t work if you don’t change your diet and exercise.

2. Majestic Pure Hot Cream

Made from all-natural and cruelty-free ingredients, this Majestic Pure Hot Cream helps in reducing cellulite. It also helps reduce muscle fatigue after your workout. So if you want to keep going on your daily routine, you can use this weight loss cream that works to ease your sore body.

As a cellulite remover, Majestic Pure helps reduce the dimpling of the skin when you’re just starting to lose 30 pounds. It doubles as a massage cream as it has a thermogenic effect. It might not burn your calories directly; still, it will help you remove pain and irritation that will increase your stress hormones.

weight loss cream that works

3. Sweet Sweat Coconut Workout Enhancer

If you’d been sedentary for a long time, working out might give you crampy legs or sore joints. Using the Sweet Sweat Coconut serum, you can now target spots on your body that’s having a hard time adjusting to the activity. It increases your fluid circulation and the best part is it makes you sweat more.

Sweet Sweat also aids your muscles against fatigue so you can stick to your strict 30-pound workout. This topical gel improves your body’s recovery time and gives a nice aroma so you can enjoy losing weight even more. It’s made of coconut, and if you love the tropical goodness like me, you’ll love this Sweet Sweat product.

4. Reduxcell Paris Anti-Cellulite Cream

Lose one inch in one hour. That advertising is so tempting for someone who wants to lose 30 pounds fast, but it’s just fitting to know if such claim has some truth to it. Reduxcell Anti-Cellulite Cream is a caffeine gel with the typical thermogenic effect like the hot cream. Some testimonials I saw say that they experience losing exactly as advertised but I doubt that it can sustain such losses.

The one-inch-one-hour loss can come from the cellulite-removing effect that also helps tighten your skin. If you have such a flab, this can magically work in giving you instant effect, but make sure to apply with caution to avoid burns. Overall, it’s not a bad kickstart for a bit of motivation. Just don’t make weight loss cream that works as your weight loss foundation, okay?

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5. Sweet Sweat Skin Cream

If you don’t find the coconut aroma of the first Sweet Sweat cream, I suggest that you consider this one. It has the same ingredients minus the coco. This Sweet Sweat has a more thermogenic effect. Pair it with a belly wrap and you’re going to drip in sweat while working out.

This product acts like a “portable sauna” in your body. It’s best to apply it to your belly, thighs, and arms. I highly discourage you from using this-and other weight loss creams-on your face. Some of these products, like Hot Cream, can hurt your eyes and facial skin. Unless it’s indicated, don’t touch your face with it.

6. TNT Pro Ignite Fat Burner Cream

The TNT Pro Ignite Fat Burner Cream is made with weight loss in mind. If you want to remove your tummy bulge, you should apply this on your stomach while working out. After your routine, you’ll sweat more and burn more fats. Remember to use this on your active routines so you’ll reduce water weight and calories at the same time.

It has a little bit of a minty smell with no color so it won’t stain your shirts or belly wraps. What I love about this weight loss cream that works is it’s made of natural ingredients. But I advise you not to be misled on the “fat burner” tag. If you apply it without exercise, it will make you sweat but it’s not fat you’re burning. You’re just losing water in the body while your fats sit still. There might be a few calories burned, but not much of a dent on your 30 pounds.

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7. Diva Fit & Sexy Anti-Cellulite Cream

The Diva Fit & Sexy Anti-Cellulite Cream works the same with other effective cellulite removers like Reduxcell and Hot Cream, but it reigns on the skincare department. This product is packed with papaya extracts plus the Dead Sea minerals that nourish the skin.

It smells nice too but results may vary depending on how your body will react to it. The gel dries quickly and reduces the tendency of redness or stinging like what other products usually cause. Some tried using it on the butt area and observed positive effects. If you pair it with exercise, you’re going to enjoy long-term effects.

8. Better Bath Better Body Epsom Salt

This Epsom Bath Salt is paired with geranium and grapefruit extracts for better aroma and skin effects. Just remember that salt doesn’t burn your fats directly. This weight loss cream that works removes bloating that make you feel and look fatter than you really are.

If you’ve been to a workout session, bathing with Epsom salt makes you relax. This will prevent the spike of stress hormones that will stimulate cravings. It’s highly comforting, but don’t expect to lose a pound every week just by soaking in Epsom salt. Anyway, this is a perfect external detox regimen if you’re practicing the first detoxing step for weight loss.

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9. Botanic Hearth Muscle Hot Cream

To make you feel fit outside, you can apply this Botanic Hearth Hot Cream to remove cellulite that causes your frustration. This is best used on your tummy, buttocks, and thighs to remove ugly stretches before and after your workout. Avoid applying this to your face to prevent irritation.

I think it’s almost the same thing as Hot Cream but they may differ on the smell. It also works in alleviating muscle pain and can double as a massage cream. After your routine, it’s best to apply this weight loss cream that works to fasten up muscle recovery.

10. Anjou Cellulite Cream with L-Carnitine

With its L-Carnitine ingredient, I can say that this is pretty serious in removing your cellulite. Apply this twice a day on your fatty parts while practicing your routine. It also acts as a detox and skin-toning agent.

However, it claims “no extra work needed” when it comes to exercise. If you’re trying to lose 30 pounds super fast, I don’t think this suits well. I suggest that you practice a leveled up routine with this cream to achieve best results. Anyway, this Anjou cream is still a good choice.

A weight loss cream that works isn’t a product that promises to burn your fast away with no exercise. You should know that these are for external application only so you have to do your part in cleansing the body from the inside. Are you using any of these products? Let us know in the comment section!

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