Want To Lose Weight Extremely Fast? Here’s the Secret to Fitness!

Do you want to get rid of 30 pounds in a snap? There are ways to lose weight extremely fast without sacrificing your health. If there’s one secret fitness gurus won’t tell you is that you can practice some hacks to make your gym stay shorter. Some of these might be unpopular, but proceeding with caution won’t hurt your body.

In a nutshell, here are some weight loss ways you can practice:

1. Start ditching carbs

Starches and sugars are the banes of every weight loss plan. But this doesn’t mean that you’re turning bland on your food. Make sure that you just get the minimum required dietary allowance for sugar.

Carb-packed food makes your insulin supply spike. If you don’t know it yet, insulin is the top fat storage hormone in the body.

When you have lower insulin- not the risky level-your body will have an easier time burning and using stored fats. With that, you’re losing weight without starving yourself. However, you should consult your doctor before doing this if you have diabetes and other serious diet conditions.

2. Try intermittent fasting

The typical intermittent fasting setup is 16 hours with no food and an 8-hour eating window. During the 16 hours of no eating, sleeping is a prevalent habit and highly suggested to avoid eating and exerting energy. Doing this, you’ll let your body maximize its stored fats to energize the body.

With this, you can lose weight extremely fast without starving yourself too much. For example, you can eat your meals within 11 am to 7 pm then fast until the next day. With that, the schedule of fasting is timed on your sleeping hours.

lose weight extremely fast

3. Do strength training for at least 3 days a week

You have to exercise, but not that much. For three to four times a week hit the gym, lift weights, and do other strength training routines. Practicing this will prevent your body from burning muscles instead of fats. Such situation is prevalent on crash diets where the body starts to debilitate and reduce muscles.

If you don’t like doing weights, you can substitute it with cardio routines like running, swimming, or simply walking. But before doing any workout, make sure to practice short warm-up exercises to avoid injuries.

4. Eat a lot of protein

Do you know why bodybuilders devour protein supplements and meals? It’s because protein has a thermogenic effect higher than those of fats and carbs. When you eat a meal, your body uses 25% of protein calories from the food you eat. This means that a 300-calorie diet will only count as 250. You eat a reasonable amount and you lose weight extremely fast.

Aside from toning your muscles, protein is also effective in making you feel satiated for long. If you don’t want to keep on counting calories, make sure that your carb intake is fixed between 20-50 grams. The rest of your food should be based on protein and fat calories.

lose weight extremely fast

5. Drink coffee and water

Coffee is a great energy booster and it can also make your weight loss plan easier. If you feel hungry, gulp down a cup of coffee. Drinking this will make you feel full and you’ll also sustain your energy through the caffeine content.

Caffeine can boost your metabolism up to 11%. Such increase helps in burning fats faster. However, you should note that coffee isn’t a magic potion. It will help but in small yet effective amounts.

Still, coffee has fewer calories and drinking it black will make the most effect. Creamers are dairy products and as you know, those are fat builders.

6. Practice one-day fasting every week

Fasting is a common practice and doing it for a day won’t kill you. Activists go on hunger strikes for days and they can still hold their banners high. Religious practices also do this. But as much as this is relatively safe for healthy people, you should proceed with proper caution. If you can’t handle the hunger, you can eat an apple or a banana.

You should do this on a free day. Don’t fast when you’re doing heavy chores or going to work. You’ll wreak havoc on your body if you do so. While fasting, stay hydrated and I suggest that you do some yoga to lose weight extremely fast.

lose weight extremely fast

7. Walk for at least an hour a day

Since you might probably be fasting or cutting back carbs, walking is advisable to keep the cardio working. Walking for 30 minutes will burn at least 75 calories and you get your dose of Vitamin D. Practicing this will jumpstart your metabolism for the day.

You don’t need to run or jog. Just walk a little briskly and enjoy your morning routine. If you’re walking in the park, you can plug your earphones on for a nice music listening.

Aside from losing weight, walking also reduces the risk of dementia, diseases, and it helps tone your leg muscles.

8. Trick your appetite

If you’re a hefty eater like me, you should start learning to trick your appetite. Adding spices to your meal will make feel full even if you only ate a little. If you’re eating steak for protein, try adding chili powder. With that, you’ll eat slower and you’re going to be full right away.

Aside from that, you can try eating dark chocolate. Dark choco has less sugar and eating small amounts before and after a meal will suppress your cravings. Other foods and spices that make you feel full are beans, nuts, oatmeal, and flaxseeds. For more, check the foods here.

lose weight extremely fast

9. Eat very slowly

Before, I used to be a quick eater, especially during dinner. As I gain weight, I realized that chewing your food slower and longer will add to the feeling of fullness. Our brains take about 20 minutes to signal the body that we’re satiated. If you chew your food longer and ate less during the 20-minute mark, you’ll lose weight extremely fast.

Don’t eat your meals like you’re vying for an eating competition. If you’re rushing to have things accomplished, make sure to allow time for your meals. Distracted eating is another reason why people overeat.

If you’re not convinced, a Harvard study will debunk your strong opposition about focused eating.

10. Eat eggs

Eggs are the epitome of weight loss foods. It’s packed with proteins, fats, and Omega 3 amino acid that satiates you while helping the body lose weight. It’s low in calories and eating two eggs for breakfast will only cost you less than 300 calories. If you’re not even satiated with two boiled eggs in one meal, your stomach is a monster.

Though eggs are the best food to eat, you shouldn’t fry it. Frying will add unhealthy fats on your meal. It’s advisable that you eat boiled eggs with hot sauce to trick your appetite. If you’re not fond of spicy food, you can pair it with a small helping of guacamole or beans.

Doing these methods will make lose weight extremely fast. However, you should do everything in moderation to avoid any health issues. If you’re suffering from a medical condition, I highly encourage you to seek a fitness coach’s help. Losing 30 pounds isn’t easy. But if you practice the right ways, you’ll get rid of it fast and safe.

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