8 Hacks to Lose 30 Pounds and Keep it Off

Once you started planning your weight loss journey, all you aim is to lose 30 pounds and keep it off. No fitness newbie would want to go back to the same unhealthy lifestyle. However, temptations are everywhere, be it in your kitchen, the grocery store, or your kid’s snack bag. If you’re serious about kissing fats goodbye, make sure to follow these simple weight hacks.

1. Weigh yourself regularly

Stepping on the weighing scale regularly is a constant reminder that you’re into a long-term goal. Like visual cues, your weighing scale will be your reference toward attaining and maintaining a target. Getting to know your weight reminds you of your accountability to your body.

However, don’t obsess yourself with it and understand that weight fluctuations are normal. If you gained pounds, start shedding it again instead of sulking in the corner. Using weight loss apps like Pact will ensure that you’re staying true to your self-promise.

2. Never take a cheat day

Thinking that getting off the hook for a day won’t hurt your weight is an outright mistake. Letting yourself indulge on a day of overeating and skipping exercise will lead to more days of letting loose. If your brain starts to entertain the idea, grab your oversized clothes and remember how hard you went through just to fit on smaller sizes.

You can still eat sweets or enjoy eat outs, but make sure that you don’t let go of your routine.

lose 30 pounds and keep it off

3. Remember how bad it feels to be overweight

Remember that months ago, you’re struggling to shed pounds. Now that you’re fit, just imagine how bad it feels like to be overweight again. The enthusiasm to stick to the routine is fierier during the first days of successfully hitting the weight goal. But after some time, you’re going to relax. When that happens, it’s always good to have some ego slapping to lose 30 pounds and keep it off.

One effective way to succeed on this is to remember the things you can now do that you’re slimmer. Can you now jog with your kids? Does your husband or wife love your healthier look?

4. Maintain your 30-pounder weight loss plan

When you hit the target weight, it’s easy to throw away all the routines you’re doing. As much as your weight loss journey isn’t as pleasant as others, retain some exercises and habits. This will ensure that your weight retention is in the works.

The main problem with weight loss is that majority of people tend to gain it back. If you don’t practice continuous workout, this may not be different to you.

lose 30 pounds and keep it off

5. Lose 30 pounds and keep it off with water

Yes, water will forever be your health regimen. If water helped you lose weight, it will surely aid in your maintenance. Keeping yourself hydrated is necessary for better digestion and endless fat burning process.

No matter how bland it tastes, drink eight glasses a day. Some fitness newbie mistake their thirst for hunger, thus consuming unnecessary calories. Drinking water in between meal times will help you harness the craving to eat more.

6. Surround yourself with like-minded people

Nothing beats the morale of having people around who also aspire to lose weight. It’s best if your friends are health conscious and will happily run or do the workout with you. Having like-minded people on your life during the retention period is necessary to lose 30 pounds and keep it off.

Weight loss isn’t a piece of cake so is keeping fats away. If you don’t want to attract excess fats, don’t hang out with people who can’t live without a box of pizza in their kitchen counter.

lose 30 pounds and keep it off

7. An apple a day will keep the fats away

This saying pun isn’t for naught. Apples are packed with pectin, a fiber that makes you feel satiated for long. The best part of this apple regimen is that pectins help slow down your digestion. This means you’ll eat less.

Compounds found in apple skin called ursolic acids, fight obesity by increasing your muscle mass and brown fat. Apples are also known as a “natural toothbrush” as it freshens your breath. With that, you can flush away the taste of food to avoid craving for more.

8. Crowd out your diet with veggies

Sometimes, ditching your diet with unhealthy foods is impossible. If you can’t purge it all, make sure to overpower it with veggies. Greens are the best as it contains lots of fiber that helps in digestion and feeling of fullness.

Though you’re allowed to eat caloric foods from time to time, try to avoid it. Sometimes, it only takes a bite to lure you back to the old ways.

Once you decided to lose 30 pounds and keep it off, you’ll realize how euphoric it is for your body. Weight loss isn’t just about getting slim, it’s also about making sure that you’re living a healthy life. And that starts in maintaining your good bodywork. Are you keeping it off? Share your weight loss story with us!

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