Got 30 Pounds of Baby Weight? Here Are Easy But Effective Tips To Lose it Fast!

Having a baby is one of the most wonderful blessings as a woman. As much as your bundle of joy inspires you, giving birth might leave you with extra weight. You don’t have to worry because you can lose 30 pounds after having a baby with these tips.

1. Eat right!

Aside from the fact that you’re losing weight, you’ll also be feeding your baby with breast milk. With that, you have to eat foods that will help you lose weight without sacrificing you and your baby’s nutrition. You shout eat superfoods like tuna, yogurt, milk, and lean meat. These will give you the right nutrition that will also nourish your little one.

It might be high in calories, but it’s still advisable to eat dairy products to keep your bones strong.

2. Regular Exercise

Since you just got from childbirth, it might not be advisable to do impactful routines. If you have a dumbbell in the house, you can practice simple flexing as a start. You can just walk with dumbbells around the house and you can burn more calories. If you have a stationary bike, it would be better as it burns about 600 calories an hour. You can ask someone in the house to look after the baby for a while so you can squeeze in a little exercise.

lose 30 pounds after having a baby

3. Sleep while the little one sleeps

Babies sleep a lot so when you have nothing to do, you should sleep too. Taking care of a newborn is stressful which spikes your cortisol level. To make sure that you log seven hours of quality sleep a day, you should catch Zs while the little one is in slumber. This will be advantageous if your baby keeps on waking up at night. It will also help you lose 30 pounds after having a baby if your husband or someone in the house can take turns in taking care of the child.

4. Get regular massages

Massages relax your mind and body. If you have a long week of stressful baby activities, you should ask your husband or go to a spa for a massage. This will reduce your cortisol levels, thus suppressing any urge to binge eat just to pacify the hormones. You can pair it with aromatic oils for a more relaxing experience. You’re lucky if you have a friend that does the massage at a local spa.

lose 30 pounds after having a baby

5. Have a short me-time

Set aside at least six minutes of me-time reading a book, listening to music, or just relaxing. Studies found that such a short time is enough to recharge a person and reduce stress levels. You should practice this every day instead of resorting to unscheduled eating. You can do this while the baby sleeps. If the schedule won’t permit, do this while you’re taking a bath or brushing your teeth. Six minutes isn’t a long time to squeeze in if you want to lose 30 pounds after having a baby.

6. Breastfeed your baby

Breastfeeding burns about 300-600 calories a day.  You don’t need to do anything but sit and feed your baby. Your body burns energy while producing milk so you can already have a big cut on your fats. Doctors found that breastfeeding your baby regularly helps you get back in shape.

lose 30 pounds after having a baby

7. Don’t diet just yet

Cutting your calories won’t be healthy during your breastfeeding stage. To supply you and your baby the right nutrition, you have to eat about 2700 calories. If you cut this, you won’t be producing enough breast milk which is crucial in the development of your child. If you practice short exercises and regular breastfeeding, you can burn the excess calories. I advise that you just switch to healthy foods like what I stated above.

8. Drink water

Since you’re feeding your child with fluids, you should stay hydrated too. Nothing beats water in replenishing your system and boosting your resting calorie usage. Drinking at least eight glasses a day will also help your digestive system flush out toxins. If you don’t like water, you can sip naturally squeezed fruit juices from time to time.

To lose 30 pounds after having a baby, you have to adopt practices slowly but surely. You should remember that you’re feeding and attending your little one. You should have enough energy and nutrition to play the role of motherhood really well. Did this post help you? Share your thoughts with us!

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