7 Dumbbell Exercises That Will Help You Lose 30 Pounds Fast

You don’t need to hit the gym every day just to get hold of those dumbbells. If you buy your own equipment-which isn’t that expensive-you can practice a dumbbell full body workout routine at home. It doesn’t have to be too rigid or taxing. As long as you target the right fat areas, you’re going to lose the extra weight in no time. That’s if you also have the right dumbbell` to use.

To get the best dumbbells and to plan your workout, here are the exercises you should incorporate.

1. Shoulder Press

Shoulder press aims to remove your arm flab while strengthening your triceps. However, it will put the strain on your neck and upper body so make sure that you’ll proceed with caution. If you have injuries, ask the opinion of your doctor first.

To do this, sit on a chair with back support and make sure that your feet are placed firmly on the ground. You should wear the proper shoes for this. Slowly lift the dumbbells on ear level with bent elbows. Your head should be aligned with your torso while resting on the support pad.

Once it’s on ear level, repetitively lift it up above your head then back to the ear level again. Make sure that your tummy is tucked and there’s a gap on the small of your back and the support.

dumbbell full body workout

2. One-Arm Dumbbell Raise

As one of the beginners’ routines, one-arm raise targets the shoulders and biceps. That way, you’ll lose fats on your arms and flex the muscles for fast burning. Instead of the usual standing one-arm raise, we’ll add some twist to the routine.

Here, you need to do a bit of “walling”, but without the drama. You should press your back on the wall and form a 90-degree angle on your legs as if you’re seating on an invisible chair. When you’re in this dumbbell full body workout position, hold a weight using your left hand. Lift it with your palm facing the floor. You should curve your elbow while lifting as if carrying a lamp in the dark.

Hold the dumbbell for about three seconds then lower it on your side. Do this on the other arm and with repetitions of your choice.

3. Dumbbell Lunges

With or without dumbbells, lunges are guaranteed fat burners. If successfully practiced, it will help you burn fats on your legs. This is simple and almost a staple among home workout routines. Instead of plainly lunging, you can use dumbbells for added calorie burn and strength training.

Make a step forward using your left foot while holding the dumbbells on your side. Slowly lunge forward with your knee not exceeding the distance of your toes. Observe this properly to avoid straining your knee too much. With the left foot at the back, make sure that it’s parallel to the direction of your right foot.

Hold on to this for a few seconds then go back to the starting point using your heels. Alternate with your other foot and repeat as you wish.

dumbbell full body workout

4. Dumbbell Pushups

Push-up is an effective dumbbell full body workout you can do at home. It targets to power up the muscles on your upper body and your back. Though it’s convenient, doing push-ups isn’t easy. It requires a lot of strength and practice.

To do this, get a pair of dumbbells and grasp it where you would usually place your arms in a normal push-up. So instead of planting your arms on the floor, you’ll use the handle of the dumbbells. The placement of your palms should be on the side, with each one facing the other.

Lower yourself slowly then lift your left arm with a dumbbell up in the air, making a parallel line on your planted arm. Practice this movement until you make a 360-degree turn on the floor.

5. Step-Ups

If you have wobbly legs, it’s time to flex those hamstrings and joints. Step-ups are typically done using elevated platforms and medicine balls. This is also beneficial for people who have lower back problems but still want to lose weight.

Using your heel, step on the elevated platform, more like of a bench. Make sure that you have the dumbbells fixed on the side while doing this. Inhale while your left foot is stepping on the platform, then exhale once you carry your body up. This time, your other foot should be standing on the platform as well.

As you breathe in, go back to the dumbbell full body workout original position using the left foot. Repeat this for as many as you wish but don’t forget to alternate with the other leg. If you have balance issues, I advise that you skip this part now or at least have someone watch over you while doing the routine.

dumbbell full body workout

6. Goblet Squat

To have your cardio and muscle training in the works, you shouldn’t forget to practice the Goblet Squat. This targets the leg, stomach, and arm muscles. It’s also easy to do and won’t require much space like the push-ups.

Stand up and hold one end of the dumbbell as if lifting a heavy gear. Your palms should be clasping the edge of the dumbbell end. Set your feet a bit apart while maintaining a relaxed standing position. Then, slowly transition to a squat position without losing the alignment of your spine and torso.

Once you reach the full squat position, hold on for a while then go back to the starting point using your heels and knees.

7. Russian Twist Dumbbell Full Body Workout

Do you want a flat belly? Russian Twist targets to burn your belly fats while working on your arms and legs as well.  Using an eight-kilogram beginner’s dumbbell, do crunches while holding the equipment. Afterward, lift your feet off the ground so you’ll have your buttocks touching the floor.

Your lifted extremities should brace your belly. Once it’s all tucked, twist sideways using the weight of the dumbbells. This routine puts the strain on your tummy to burn fats and tone underlying abs.

You can repeat this as many as you can manage. However, don’t push yourself to the limits if it’s your first time to do this.

The Best Equipment for Your Dumbbell Full Body Workout

The best workout should only be paired with the best equipment. Before starting your dumbbell drills, you should check this quality equipment.

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

dumbbell full body workout

If you’re doing these exercises, all you want is to level up, right? This Bowflex pair of adjustable dumbbells will ensure that you got the right weights as you advanced from being a beginner to an intermediate fitness buff. Its weight is amazingly adjustable from five to 52.5 pounds. Not only that, Bowflex makes it easy to switch from one exercise to another. Here are more of its outstanding features for a dumbbell full body workout:

  • 15 Weight Sets in One Dumbbell Pair!

You don’t have to buy another dumbbell with this Bowflex model as it will allow you to detach, attach, and burn fats right away. It has the perfect dial set for every fitness enthusiast, be it for a beginner or an expert. From head to toe, you’re going to find the right weight to burn calories.

  • Neat Weight Case

Forget the days when you have to endure the trouble of changing weights on the gym. This Bowflex SelectTech pair has a metal plate case. Simply rotate the dial and the other weights you don’t want to use will detach. No metal clanks or strained hands. Just 30 pounds burning away.

  • Replaces 30 other dumbbells

Can you imagine buying 30 other dumbbells just to get the right weight for the Russian twist, push-ups, or lunges? At $299, you can never find another dumbbell as functional as the ST552. It also has a two-year warranty offer.

dumbbell full body workout

  • Compatible with the Bowflex SelectTech Training App

Aside from being a versatile pair of dumbbells, the 552 model will also have your smartphone in use. Install the training app and you can now track your reps, weight speed, and more routine progress. If you also have a calorie count app, you have almost everything for a dumbbell full body workout.

  • It’s 100% safe to use

Unless you drop it by accident on your toe-which can happen in any equipment-these dumbbells are 100% safe to use. Although it has moving parts, Bowflex ensures that it’s sturdy and can withstand heavy workout. As long as you follow the right detachment and attachment, you have nothing to worry about.

  • Space-saving

With such weight and power, having a compact pair of dumbbells like the Bowflex 552 is heaven-sent. Some people who are losing weight don’t have the space to put up a small workout gym. With this equipment, your workout gym can be stored under your bed, beside the sofa, or in a small corner. If you’re renting an apartment, this is a significant feature.

Doing a dumbbell full body workout routine allows you to remove fats in the comforts of your home. If you can’t hit the gym, get a pair of the Bowflex SelectTech and slowly kiss fats away. Are the Bowflex dumbbells effective for you? Let us know in the comment section!

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