6 Cardio Exercises That Will Burn Your 30 Lbs Away

Cardio and weight loss are soulmates. Being fast fat burners, cardio exercises are one of the most effective and convenient workout routines. It targets to pump the blood and invigorate the body. Since most cardio routines enliven the body from head to toe, these are best done to shed 30 pounds in the fastest way.

1. Jumping Rope

If you’d mastered this when you’re a kid, you already have the edge to lose 30 pounds really fast. An hour of jumping rope burns about 1,000 calories! Just imagine if you’re on a 1,200 calorie diet, you’re going to burn a lot in just a short time.

Jumping rope isn’t easy if you haven’t tried it before. It requires a lot of stamina, strength, and speed. But if you have the patience, this will be an effective weight loss routine.

2. Rowing

Nope, you don’t have to go to the sea and grip that paddle. Just go to the gym and get the rowing machine going. Such exercise is high in intensity than running. Rowing puts almost all your main muscles at work where you get to burn 840 calories per hour.

This is the perfect routine if you have knee joint issues or you don’t want an impactful workout. Rowing actually replaces other exercises as it’s considered as a full body workout. Athletes practice this routine so you’re assured of effectiveness.

cardio and weight loss

3. Swimming

Swimming requires your body to use a lot of muscles in all your limbs. When you decided to choose this routine, it’s advisable that you use different strokes like freestyle, butterfly, and backstroke. That way, you’ll use different muscle areas in the body and have a holistic cardio and weight loss routine.

An hour of swimming can burn 600 calories. This exercise also reduces the risk of injuries since you’ll be moving in a weightless environment with no impact. However, it’s a different story if you’re diving. Like any other routines, practice caution in swimming.


If you have tummy fats you need to burn, cycling is the best routine as it targets to tone the quadriceps. It’s also as effective as running but with less strain and impact. This is an ideal alternative for walking or running. But if you find cycling too boring, you can alternate between cycling and running reps. An hour of hitting the road with a bike burns 600 calories.

Cycling is fast in stripping fats but you have to practice proper warm up to prevent knee pain and injuries. Also, you should deviate from this exercise if you have back and knee injuries.

cardio and weight loss

5. Running

Of all cardio exercises, you can never find something as convenient as running. It’s impactful yet very effective in boosting your respiratory and cardiovascular health. Unlike replacements with low impact, running allows you to burn fats even after the actual routine. After running, your metabolic rate is raised for a span of 24 hours that causes continuous calorie burns.

Stretching your hamstrings and calves also add more fat-burning effects. Running for one hour burns 600 calories while it reduces your risk of osteoporosis. If you run on stairs, calorie loss will shoot up to 1,000 in an hour.

6. Kettlebells

Have you seen those weights with handles? That cannonball-like equipment is the kettlebell. While doing your workout, you can use kettlebells to burn 20 more calories per minute. Are you doing lunges? Hold kettlebells! Aside from burning fats faster, cardio and weight loss will also tone your arm muscles.

Kettlebells add intensity on your routines similar to how dumbbells fasten your weight loss. But these awesome gear are easier to hold and ergonomically designed to diffuse the weight to your body. It also improves your balance, strength, and flexibility.

If you’re new to kettlebells, it will be hard to choose one. But if you’re looking for one, it’s a sin not to suggest this kettlebell that I personally guarantee to be worth the purchase.

cardio and weight loss

CAP Barbell Enamel Coated Kettlebell for Cardio and Weight Loss

Versatile, durable, and no fluff. This CAP Barbell Enamel Kettlebell is made of solid cast iron for maximum efficiency and sturdiness. It weighs 15 pounds that’s a good start for a newbie weight loss enthusiast.

cardio and weight loss

CAP Barbell Kettlebell is made really heavy to have both your hands at work. You can do squats and swings using this. At $25, you can never find another kettlebell as solid and reliable as CAP’s. If you have big hands, you should consider buying two of these for a more comfortable grip. Just take extra caution when handling this, okay? You’re not supposed to end up with a shot put throw.

Do you want to lose 30 pounds fast? Do cardio! It’s the most effective way to remove fats. With cardio and weight loss, you can now achieve a slimmer body in just a short time. If you level up with CAP Barbell Kettlebells, it can be even faster! What do you think? Share your thoughts with us!

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